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August 03, 2018 3 min read

5 Steps to Fix Your Transmission That Won't Cost a Dime!

Often we have customers calling and emailing asking for advice and assistance with their 6.7L Powerstroke transmission (6R140) and the issues they are experiencing. Their complaints range from erratic shifting to shift flairs and even missing gears completely. Once we have determined that they have no metal in the pan and the fluid doesn't smell burnt we recommend that they get rid of Keep Alive Memory (KAM). While this isn't always the solution, it's a great way to attempt a fix for FREE and with less than an hour of your time.
While it's best to use a diagnostic tool such as a Ford IDS scan tool or an aftermarket tool such as the Snap-On Modus that's not always possible. If you're a DIY guy that doesn't have access to these tools then performing a "hard reset" is the next best thing. We have compiled a step-by-step guide below.
Below are the steps to attempt to get rid of the KAM (keep alive memory) in the 6.7L Powerstroke. This process is often helpful in getting rid of any erratic shifting, shift flares, etc. Essentially what we are attempting to do is similar to a hard reset on any electronic device. 
Follow the steps below:
1- Reflash the tune. You can find the steps HERE for your H&S unit or HERE for your EZ Lynk unit.  If you have an H&S unit, you can either choose to load our trans file or say no when it asks you if you want to load a transmission tune. Either option is fine.
2- Remove battery terminals for 30 mins & leave the driver's door open during that time. 
3- After 30 mins, replace the terminals. 
4- Start the truck & do a full transmission relearn found HERE. 
5- Allow your vehicle some time to full learn before you jump to condemning the unit. 
Often times this will clear up any shifting issues you may be experiencing. With the 6R140 being an adaptive learning/adaptive memory transmission the potential for old data remaining in the network is possible and this process can help remove that data corruption. 
If this process does not work, you may need to purchase our solenoid body or a new transmission depending on if there's any internal damages to yours.
The SPE 6R140 Proprietary Solenoid Body is modified using a brand new unit with no core required. We start with adjusting fluid paths and volume inside the internal fluid circuits. All surfaces are faced for a perfect fit and we only use billet plugs. We install our patented thermoreg control valve that drops the transmission operating temperature by 50 deg F. This helps with transmission fluid breakdown.

Prior to packaging, each individual solenoid’s flow volume is measured and calibrated on a bench. Each SPE solenoid body comes with a programming card/tag just like it would from Ford thus they program the same way and it can be done at a dealer or with any capable scan tool (IDS and some Snap-On tools- if you are unsure if your Snap-On tool will work, give us a call). Our valve bodies include a 1 year warranty against any kind of solenoid failure.
If the  SPE 6R140 Proprietary Solenoid Body does not fix your issues and it's determined you need a new transmission we are happy to work with you on special pricing to offset the cost of the new unit less the solenoid body.
We hope this information is helpful in resolving your issues. If you still have any questions, please contact us at 724-966-5085 or send an email to

You can also check out the Technical Service Bulletin released by Ford regarding this issue.

Check out the TSB for the transmission body here. 

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Thomas R Hayes Jr
Thomas R Hayes Jr

July 31, 2020

Hey I am having problem with my truck. 2017 f-250 6R140 Transmission is shifting harder then it was and is also downshifting very hard and there’s a delay in downshifting. Thanks for the help


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November 28, 2019



November 28, 2019


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