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Turbo Warranty


All SPE Motorsport (hereby referred to as SPE) turbos come with a 30-Day limited warranty. Any non-SPE brand turbos have varied warranty duration depending on the manufacturer (i.e. Borg Warner, Garrett, etc.)

In the unlikely event of failure, SPE will, for a period of 30-days from the date of shipment and at its option, repair or replace the turbo. SPE's sole and exclusive obligation under this warranty is limited to, at SPE’s option, repair or replacement of the defective parts. You will be required to send in the turbo or turbo part for inspection so SPE can determine the exact failure and repair or replace as needed.


This warranty is limited to the original customer named in the sales invoice and is not transferable.

  1. No DIY kits or DIY parts are covered under warranty after installation. If you notice any fitment issues or damage on any DIY parts, please promptly email to get this corrected. If you install and run the DIY part, there will be no way to prove there was damage to the product prior to installation and therefore will not be covered by manufacturer warranty replacement.
  2. Rental car, towing, labor for removal of the defective turbo or parts, or reinstallation of the repaired or replacement turbo or parts, fluids, gaskets, loss of income, and/or other incidental expenses, are not covered by this warranty.
  3. External components, including but not limited to sensors, intercoolers, engines, and service items, are not covered by this warranty.
  4. Overheating, abuse or misuse, installation or modification or maintenance not according to OEM specifications, and/or damage from accident, fire, misfuelling, or water, voids this warranty.
  5. Failed sensors such as EBP, MAF, MAP, VGT, or wire harness can cause the turbo to overspeed and/or thrust into the bearing housing and will not be covered under warranty.
  6. Warranty shall not apply to a turbo that has been improperly repaired, maintained and/or altered by the owner or another technician. 
  7. Damage due to plugged oil return lines, thrust bushing/bearing damage due to excessive turbo surge, and/or lack of supply oil to the cartridge are not covered under this warranty. 
  8. SPE’s Warranty does not cover broken turbo shafts.  
  9. Damage caused by debris sucked into the turbo’s compressor wheel is not covered. 
  10. In the event of an uncovered failure, SPE will inspect the turbo for damage and charge the consumer only for hard parts replaced.
  11. Under no circumstances will SPE be obligated to refund the purchase price.
  12. If you disassemble the turbo prior to SPE’s formal inspection process is completed, it will void the warranty.
  13. No oil older than 100 miles should be run through the new turbo and/or DIY product upon first install. Running dirty oil can void the warranty.

Please email us if you suspect any warranty issues. We will help begin the warranty process by troubleshooting the issue and then if needed, will have you send in your turbo for repair/replacement with the appropriate warranty documents. 

All warranty issues must be done via email. 

For any warranty questions please email us at:


*SPE reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason