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SPE Motorsport S91102 Turbocharger

SPE S91102 Turbocharger

SPE turbochargers are designed from all angles. Taking what we learned from years of racing, making power, and pushing many different platforms. SPE is using the latest aerospace and CFD technology to engineer our turbochargers. Designed, tested, and built in the USA!

Features and Benefits:

  • 91mm Billet 2618 Compressor wheel
  • 102mm Turbine
  • 360-degree thrust bearing¬†
  • Low-drag hydrodynamic journal bearings
  • Built-in oil metering
  • Optimized antisurge Inlet
  • Multi compressor outlet V band or Hose
  • Compressor speed sensor provision¬†
  • 2 exhaust housings: T6 1.32 AR & T6 1.58 AR