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SPE Motorsport S550 Billet Differential Lockout System

SPE S550 Billet Differential Lockout System

The stock rubber bushings are great for absorbing noise, vibration, & harshness (NVH), but do nothing for performance applications. Eliminate wheel hop by adding the SPE Motorsport S500 Billet Differential Bushing Kit for the super 8.8 S550 rear end.

This kit solidly mounts the rear end to the cradle. They install on top of the factory bushings allowing for a non permanent install. Noise, vibration, harness (NVH) will increase slightly with this kit due to the solid design.

Features and Benefits:

  • Reduce wheel hop
  • Reduce 60 foot times
  • Increase control and predictability¬†
  • Easy Install
  • Non Permanent modification


  • 2015-2021 Mustang GT
  • 2016-2020 Mustang GT350
  • 2020-2021 Mustang GT500