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SPE Motorsport 2023+ Raptor R Hub - Stainless or Titanium

SPE 2023+ Raptor R Hub

SPE knows the average person wants more than 11-12 PSI of boost from their 2023+ Raptor R. SPE has wasted no time developing a seamless, adjustable, lightweight solution. With stainless and titanium hub options, SPE provides the customer with the best options on the market. 

SPE’s hub is engineered to be as light as possible without sacrificing strength and integrity. The SPE hub is available in both titanium and stainless steel options. 

SPE offers bolts in both titanium and stainless steel. While the stainless steel is available in polished, only the titanium is available in raw as well as black, blue, bronze, and green anodized. 

SPE has many options to put together the perfect setup for your car. When deciding pulley sizing .100 smaller equals a 1 PSI increase depending on altitude. Not sure what you need? Contact us, and our sales team can help you narrow down the details!

Features and Benefits:

  • Less rotational mass
  • Stainless steel or titanium hub option
  • Stainless steel or titanium bolt options 
  • Multiple bolt color options (available in titanium only)


*Custom hub socket and blower shaft holding tool required for installation.

**Anaerobic sealant is also required for installation