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SPE Motorsport 2023+ 6.7L Powerstroke Oil Filter Housing

SPE 2023+ 6.7L Powerstroke Oil Filter Housing

The absolute best oil filtration and flow for your 6.7L Powerstroke is now available. 

SPE has always pushed the envelope in 6.7 Powerstroke reliability and performance from our 6.7 Powerstroke dragster to Super Dutys performing their daily tasks. So whether you are commuting, towing, or racing, we have you covered.

Through years of testing at SPE our team has developed an oil filter housing that not only utilizes CAT filtration but also adds the huge flow needed to keep these engines alive under extreme conditions. This kit uses the CAT 1R-1807 or CAT 324-2598 filter. Both filter options are 100% efficient at 20 micron and 20% efficient at 4 micron, with 1R-1807 having the most oil capacity.

The CAT Filters easily out-flow the factory FL2051S. This is basically a given just from the sheer size; however, during testing, we have found that the flow restrictions were not the factory filter but the filter housing itself. We knew to gain proper filtration and flow we would need a housing rather than an adapter to slap a larger filter on. The SPE oil filter housing design increases flow by 30%.  Our billet design allowed us to manufacture it in a way the factory couldn't. In some instances during testing, the additional flow even lowered oil temperatures. 

Our housing is made in-house out of a solid chunk of billet aluminum. The design integrates all of the factory sensors and their original locations. The design also keeps the filters as high as possible to offer the best clearance. We also use a factory-style gasket which is convenient if it needs to be replaced in the future; however, SPE does provide you with our upgraded factory style injection molded gasket made out of a high quality Buna N material. Additionally, we have included two auxiliary oil ports that can be used for turbocharger oil supply or temperature/pressure sensors. Furthermore, the SPE 6.7L Powerstroke Oil Filter Housing was designed to work with our Cast Lower Oil Pan while still allowing access to the drain back bungs and with the additional oil pan heater installed. It can also be used in stock applications as well.

The CAT 1R-1807 is the ideal option for longer oil change intervals due to the customer using better oils etc.  The advantage to the CAT 324-2598 is the shorter length for off-road or lowered applications. Even though it's the shorter of the two it is still much larger than the FoMoCo factory FL2051s in terms of capacity.  Running either CAT filter option is a huge upgrade from the factory one.

Features and Benefits:

  • Black anodized CNC machined billet aluminum housing
  • 30% overall flow increase
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Factory-style SPE green injection molded gasket
  • Retains factory sensor locations
  • 2 auxiliary oil ports in  ⅛ NPT and ¼ NPT (plugs include)
  • Works with the SPE cast lower oil pan (heater and drain back bungs are accessible) 
  • Extends service intervals 
  • Increases flow and filtration
  • Two CAT filter options

Kit Includes:

  • Billet oil filter housing
  • Factory-style SPE green injection molded gasket
  • Billet stainless oil adapter bung
  • CAT Filter (1R-1807 OR 324-2598- based on customer selection)
  • ¼” NPT plug
  • ⅛” NPT plug
  • Installation hardware


  • 2023+ Ford F250 (including cab & chassis)
  • 2023+ Ford F350 (including cab & chassis)
  • 2023+ Ford F450 (including cab & chassis)
  • 2023+ Ford F550 (including cab & chassis)


  • Most NEW engines will require this filter housing.
  • Some 2023-2024 trucks are using the 2020-2022 style oil filter housing so we recommend checking the housing & gasket shape prior to purchasing to ensure you have the correct parts.

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