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SPE Motorsport 2011-2024 6.7L Powerstroke Stage-2 2.5" Lift Suspension Kit

SPE 2011-2024 6.7L Powerstroke Stage-2 2.5" Lift Suspension Kit

Elevate your Ford F250 or F350 experience with SPE Motorsport's meticulously engineered 2.5-inch Suspension Packages, designed for models from 2011 to 2024. At SPE Motorsport, where passion for performance meets engineering excellence, we understand the desire for a suspension upgrade that enhances everyday usability without compromising on quality or ride comfort.

Tailored Performance for Daily Use: Our suspension packages are born from a blend of our own automotive passion and feedback from customers like you. We've crafted a solution that offers a significant upgrade over standard options, focusing on real-world performance and reliability. Our packages are perfect for those who seek a balance between daily drivability and the capacity for occasional off-road adventures.

SPE Spec FOX Performance Series Shocks:Experience the perfect harmony of ride comfort and towing capability with our custom-valved Performance Series Shocks by Fox. These shocks are meticulously tuned to deliver an ideal balance, ensuring your ride is neither too harsh nor too soft, but just right for every journey.

Practical Design Choices: Our kits include a 2.5 -inch front spacer, complemented by a uniquely positioned reservoir mount for enhanced accessibility and visual appeal. We've intentionally opted to retain the factory coil, leveraging its proven performance and ride quality, while our 1-inch rear blocks (optional based on your model) ensure a balanced stance, ideal for towing or everyday use.

Stage One and Stage Two Options: Tailor your upgrade to your specific needs with our two-stage offering. The Stage One package provides the fundamental components for those who prefer custom shock selections, while Stage Two includes our specially valved shocks for a complete, ready-to-install solution.

Focused on Geometry and Control:Our commitment to preserving the truck’s factory-like handling is evident in our inclusion of our patented Billet track bar bushings and precisely engineered cast bracket. These elements work together to maintain optimal suspension geometry and steering responsiveness, ensuring your truck behaves just as it should.

Simplified, Comprehensive Upgrade: We've streamlined the upgrade process. Now, enhancing your truck's suspension is a simple, one-click process on our website, offering you an all-inclusive package without the hassle of sourcing individual components.

In every aspect, from careful product selection to rigorous testing, SPE Motorsport's 2.5” inch Suspension Packages reflect our dedication to quality and performance. Upgrade your ride today and experience the difference in suspension designed for work or play.