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SPE Motorsport 2020-2022 GT500 Carbon Fiber Track Tube

SPE 2020-2022 GT500 Carbon Fiber Track Tube

Upgrade for SPE Motorsport Stage 1 Intake

The GT500's lungs are plagued with restriction especially when modified. With ample room in the engine bay, SPE went to work designing the best intake we could. The intake design optimizes air flow at all vehicle speeds, even at idle. The track tube enhances it even further. Designed for drag use and maximum flow this puts our intake above the rest at the track.

The track tube is 3k twill carbon fiber manufactured in billet molds and then processed in an autoclave. All excess resin is pulled out under vacuum creating a strong light weight part. It is designed to work with our Stage 1 and Stage 2 GT500 Intake Kits. It connects to the filter end of our carbon intake tube and terminates in front of the grill snorkel but does not seal tight to it. This allows for as much possible air volume to be pulled in at lower vehicle speeds and still utilize the ram air affect of the grill as well. It fills the void and uses all the space provided.

A silicone coupler and clamp is included for connecting to the intake pipe.

The box is able to stay in place. Just remove the filter with a flat head or 8mm socket. Put the track tube and coupler on tighten the clamp and your off to the races.

Features and Benefits:

  • No tuning changes required
  • Cooler air¬†
  • CAD designed and tested with CFD (computational fluid dynamics)
  • Most unrestricted power for the dragstrip available
  • Genuine 3K twill carbon fiber intake tube optimized for best air flow possible¬†¬†

Kit Includes:

  • Silicone Coupler
  • 3K Carbon fiber tube¬†
  • Scroll Clamp


This item is for the track tube only!! It is not for the entire intake kit.