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SPE Motorsport 2020+ 6.7L Powerstroke Emperor T4 Manifold Kit

SPE 2020+ 6.7L 6.7L Powerstroke Emperor T4 Manifold Kit

This kit includes everything in our 6.7L Emperor Turbo System minus the turbocharger, downpipe adapter, and turbo inlet coupler.

The manifold kit allows you to easily bolt up any t4 turbo including s300 and s400 styles. This is a great kit for someone looking to do a custom turbo setup and intake piping (or use of a competitor's kit). This allows you to get creative with whatever t4 turbo you desire. The oil drain that is included is trimmable to fit almost any size turbo, length-wise.

The only things that would need to be custom-made are the downpipe, unless using our S300 to 15 style downpipe adapter (sold separately), and your intake piping (charge and air filter piping).

That’s it. Everything else is included.

Note: SPE Motorsport does recommend an aftermarket downpipe for easier installation.