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SPE Motorsport 2023+ 6.7L HO Powerstroke Hot Side Intercooler Pipe

SPE 2023+ 6.7L HO Powerstroke Hot Side Intercooler Pipe

Direct fit aluminum hot side pipe exclusively designed for the 2023+ high output (HO) 6.7L Powerstroke Diesel.

SPE meticulously engineered and rigorously tested the new Hot Side Intercooler pipe for the 2023+ 6.7L Powerstroke HO Engine. We provide our customers with an unparalleled modular design. Beginning with the compressor outlet, SPE introduced a billet 3” adapter sealed to the turbo via a 5mm o-ring. This thick o-ring ensures consistent sealing across temperature variations. The outlet also maintains the factory snap/quick connect ring, simplifying installation.

The 3” intercooler pipe, crafted from robust T6 aluminum, is bent to minimize angles, enhancing airflow and visual appeal. The kit also comprises 2 5-ply silicone couplers. The flex coupler (for the intercooler side) is bolstered with a metal ring for added strength. Additionally, it includes 4 t-bolt clamps.

Features and Benefits:

  • Specifically tailored for the 2023+ HO 6.7L Powerstroke.
  • Mandrel bent, heavy wall aluminum tubing.
  • Includes the hot side retainer clip for enhanced stability.
  • Welded bung for the hot side pre-intercooler temperature sensor ensures precise temperature readings.
  • Larger pipe size ensures enhanced airflow.
  • Available in polished finish for a clean, sleek look.
  • Billet 3” turbo adapter with a substantial 5mm o-ring outclasses the competition.
  • Eliminates the old factory o-ring issues.
  • Compatible with both factory and aftermarket turbo kits, including most non-vgt applications.
  • Features 5-ply silicone couplers — superior and more robust than the standard design.
  • Seamless installation process even for those new to the task.
  • No need for additional tuning!

Kit Includes:

  • 1- Billet aluminum adapter (black anodized).
  • 1- SPE designed hot side retainer clip
  • 1- 3” mandrel bent intercooler pipe.
  • 1- 5mm o-ring.
  • 2- 5-ply silicone couplers.
  • 4- T-bolt clamps.
  • 1- Detailed instructions


Designed exclusively for 2023+ F250/F350/F450/F550 6.7L Powerstroke High Output (HO) Engine.