Exergy 10mm Stroker Scorpion CP4.2 Pump (Scorpion Based)

Snyder Performance Engineering

E04 40106

The new 10mm Stroker Pump from Exergy is the perfect option for those wanting to increase high-pressure fuel while still maintaining a factory appearance under the hood, especially for those running classes requiring factory components. The 10mm stroker pump has been tested & designed support up to 800hp. 

Another consideration for this pump is for those with dual alternator trucks who would need to do extensive work to make a dual fueler work.



  • Stock appearance
  • Tested to support up to 800hp
  • Fits in the factory pump location
  • Easier to install than a dual fueler setup
  • Can be run in single or dual fueler application

*Exergy recommends using this in conjunction with the factory lift pump.



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