Introducing the SPE Modified VGT Turbocharger Upgrade Kit. This kit includes all of the additional installation components in our SPE VGT Turbo/Retro-Fit Kit for the 11-14 6.7L Powerstroke shown here- https://www.spediesel.com/collections/turbos/products/spe-vgt-turbo-upgrade-for-the-11-14-6-7l-powerstroke. 

The SPE modified VGT turbocharger starts with a NEW OEM GT37 Turbocharger featured on the 15+ Powerstroke truck. During the modification process, we make changes to the compressor cover to accommodate an upgraded 62mm billet compressor wheel as well as machining out the silencer ring. Additionally, we upgrade the thrust and journal bearings. These modifications allow for better spool-up characteristics and allow less internal wearing thus increasing the turbocharger's longevity. 

With the proper fueling and tuning, we have seen these systems support up to 650hp. 


Modified VGT Kit Includes:

  • Modified Billet 62mm GT37 turbocharger
  • Pedestal
  • Downpipe
  • Lower intake manifold
  • Up pipes
  • Gaskets
  • Hardware
  • Detailed install instructions


Turbocharger Upgrades Include:

  • 62mm Billet Compressor Wheel
  • Modified Compressor Cover
  • Machined Silencer Ring
  • Upgraded Journal Bearings
  • Hard Anodized Thrust Bearing


Turbocharger Upgrade Benefits:

  • Better spool up characteristics
  • Can support up to 650hp (with proper tuning and fuel)
  • Upgraded bearings allow less wear to increase turbo longevity