SPE 6.7L Powerstroke Intake Piping Kit AND Emperor Kit BUNDLE

63 journal bearing out of stock, all others available! ETA 9/19


SPE 6.7 Powerstroke Intake Piping Kit Description

SPE Motorsport is proud to finally introduce our upgraded intercooler/intake piping kit for the 6.7L Powerstroke. This kit replaces the restrictive factory plastic upper intake and cast aluminum lower intake. SPE has developed our kits to cover 2011-2019 trucks, 15-19 VGT, and also Non-VGT turbo kits. The SPE piping kit includes all aluminum polished piping, cast aluminum Y manifold, 5-ply silicone couplers, t-bolts clamps, and hardware.

The SPE cast aluminum Y manifold has a true 3” internal diameter unlike the rest of the kits on the market, along with cast-in injectable bosses and the use of factory style o-ring gaskets for ease of installation and replacement. The cast Y manifold is available in raw or micro-wrinkle black powder coat.

The cold side pipe is 3.5” diameter unlike the more common 3” seen in most competitor's kits. This not only helps with flow but also gives your engine bay a bolder, tougher look. SPE also includes a welded on billet IAT bung so that it can be installed and used as the manufacture intended. This, too, is not commonly seen in competitor's kits. In our experience, this is an integral part in collecting data and for PCM functionality.  

With so many customers already having cold air intakes previously installed, SPE wanted to make our kit so that you could use that investment and not have to sell or get rid of it. We include a high quality rotomolded adapter that cleanly connects all stock and aftermarket cold air kits to your turbo with multiple adapter options based on turbo style and truck. This piping kit is an excellent match for the SPE Emperor Turbo System.



  • 11-21 model years 
  • Cast aluminum intake manifold with large 3” internal diameter 
  • Injectable bosses (can be drilled as needed, can be used for water meth, nitrous, propane, EGR, etc.) 
  • Utilizes factory intake gaskets
  • 5-Ply silicone couplers
  • 3.5” cold side pipe
  • Utilizes/retains factory CAC IAT sensor
  • Retain your stock style connection cold air intakes with SPE’s lower intake adapter
  • Fits most turbo setups including VGT and NON-VGT*
  • Increases HP, torque, and throttle response

SPE 6.7L Emperor Turbo System Description

The SPE 6.7L Emperor Turbo Kit is a 100% drop-in turbo system for the 2011-2019 6.7L Powerstroke. This system is the perfect solution for the enthusiast wanting the reliability of a non- VGT turbo or the ability to support more power with their 6.7L Powerstroke. It can also be used as a replacement for the problematic Garrett GT32 single sequential turbocharger (SST) found on the 2011-2014 year model. 

Due to the way SPE has designed the turbo system it is an effortless upgrade/replacement turbo option that even a novice can install. In fact, the hardest part is removing the factory turbo. 

This turbo system does NOT require any extra components*. It can be used as a 100% drop in replacement or as an upgrade. It uses the factory driver’s side manifold and an included, SPE designed, aftermarket passenger side manifold. This kit maintains the factory driver side up pipe (passenger side up pipe and manifold are no longer used), 2015+ style downpipe, 15+ lower intake manifold, and 11-19 upper intake manifold.

The system is capable of supporting stock power levels all the way up to 800hp.
If you're not sure which turbo & fueling options pair well check out this LINK. 

It is now also available with a ball bearing turbocharger in an s363, s366, & s370.  When driving with the cartridge ball bearing turbocharger you will find an exceptionally crisp and strong throttle response. We are seeing 15% faster spool up than traditional journal bearings across the board on the three available sizes we offer. This also helps with lowering EGTs and intake temps. For more information check out the following link-



  • 100% Bolt On With No Additional Components Needed
  • No Modifications Necessary
  • Easy Installation — Check Out the Install Video HERE
  • Solution for VGT Turbocharger Failures, Especially in the 2011-2014 Year Model
  • Fits Both Standard Pickups (Wide Frame) and Cab & Chassis Trucks
  • Available in 3 Sizes — S363, S366, & S370
  • Available in journal or ball bearing 
  • Flexible Design to Upgrade Later with Minimal Changes to What You Have
  • Supports Power Levels Up to 800hp (Depending on Turbo Size)
  • Designed for Towing, Street Driving, and Racing



When SPE went into developing this system they wanted to eliminate the problems that currently plague kits on the market; one being the turbo up pipes. All other non-VGT turbo kits on the market require one or two custom up pipes. This seems great when it’s sold to the customer as if though its an upgrade. Unfortunately, it is not, in our opinion. The problem with custom up pipes is the fact that they are a wear item. The bellows that allow for expanding and contracting are the actual wear item. Metal can only expand and contract so many times before cracking. When this happens to an aftermarket kit (not an if but when) you have to get another set of uppipes. Now this is where the main problem comes into play, availability. Even in the best circumstances, 1-2 days can really hinder the customer with a $50,000+ immobile paperweight. 

SPE has removed this issue from the equation by eliminating the need for it. The SPE Emperor Turbo System still utilizes a bellow in the factory driver side up pipe which is still retained. Thus creating a system that only has one up pipe and it can be replaced with a factory part available via a Ford dealership or auto parts store.

The main hurdle in the design was doing all of the design work and still keeping it drop in capable all while still utilizing the factory intake manifolds. This helped in keeping the kit cost down for the customer just wanting to only replace the turbo and not all of their intake piping. 

The SPE Emperor Turbo System also utilizes a standard T4 Flange on the exhaust manifold. The kit was designed to use the exhaust manifold allowing you to change turbo size without having to change to different up pipes even if moving to a different frame turbo size all together such as when going from an s300 to an s400. This is unlike most other comparable kits on the market. 

This system was also designed with modularity in mind. SPE wants our customers to be able to start with the basic system if they choose, and be able to upgrade later with minimal cost and waste. 



  • Exhaust Manifold- Cast out of 600 series ductile iron.  SPE’s design retains the original Hot-V principles of getting the heat and exhaust flow to the turbo as quickly as possible. SPE designed the manifold to operate with dual volute T4 turbos. This manifold also has exhaust pulse optimization based off of runner lengths and engine firing order, one major key to great turbo spool up. A factory EGT bung is also cast in.
  • Turbocharger - The SPE turbos were designed in-house and are upgraded versions of the popular S300 series. Weak points were addressed including much higher quality castings, bearing material, and machine work and the end result is an even stronger, better design. They are currently available in 3 versions a 63mm, 66mm, 70mm compressor inlet size. All models will have an 80/73 turbine. It also has received slight design changes from the normal s300 variant to be optimized for the 6.7L engine to help with back pressure and spool up. Almost all the parts are compatible with the standard s300 turbos. Including turbine housings and rebuild kits, to help with serviceability and longevity.
  • Pedestal -  The Pedestal is hard anodized to minimize oxidation and corrosion common on raw aluminum. When bolted to an iron block this helps to also minimize leaks over time. The oil return is a form fit silicone hose allowing for easy turbo installation and is much more reliable than a steel flex drain. The drain is also a no fuss push-in design no fittings to tighten or worry about.




  • 2011-2019 style Ford SuperDuty F-250/F-350/F-450/F-550 6.7L Powerstroke- Fits both standard (wide frame) pickups and cab & chassis



  • 15+ Style Downpipe (either stock or aftermarket)
    • 2 Piece OEM Option- FC3Z6N646A & FC3Z6N646C 
    • MBRP Aftermarket Option - FAL460
  • 15+ Downpipe Clamp- FC3Z8287A
  • 15+ Driver's Side Up Pipe- FC3Z9G437C
  • 15+ Manifold Assembly- FC3Z9424A



*The base system emperor kit is designed to work with a 15+ style truck, If purchasing it for an earlier 11-14 truck these items will be required 

**Tuning may be required.

***Designed to work with SPE 6.7L based Emperor engines

**** SPE recommends the SPE Hot Side Pipe to complement this kit.

*****Aftermarket downpipe recommended for easier installation.