EZ LYNK AUTOAGENT- 6.7L Powerstroke- Includes SOTF Switch



SPE's coveted HotX tuning is now available for your 11-16 Powerstroke.

No more exporting files, emailing, importing new files, updating SD cards, etc. With this cloud based system, your device will sync via Wifi or 4g & all tuning will be imported to the device wirelessly. Then the device will tune through OBDII port. 

Shift power levels without waiting for the device to upload a new file. INCLUDES SOTF Switch!

With the simple touch of a button, you can wirelessly send SPE data logs from YOUR vehicle. This means we can now monitor the specific PIDS & adjust the tune to meet your specific vehicle needs. 

Have a heavily modified truck? Changed turbos? SPE can write a custom tune specifically for your vehicle. Let us build a custom tune for you. 

If you want the maximum performance from your 6.7 Ford this tuning is it. We have seen around a 50hp gain over the box tuning. This tuning maxes out the stock CP4 high pressure fuel system. The hot x tune also changes transmission clutch apply and torque converter to early lock up. 

The 11-14 tuning includes:

  • No Power
  • Mild- 378hp
  • Wild- 430hp
  • Hot- 550hp

*Dyno results may vary due to brands, correction factor, smoothing, etc.

 *Software currently only available on iOS operating system BUT will be available on android shortly. 


*** Not legal for sale or use on pollution-controlled motor vehicles anywhere in the United States. Legal ONLY for off-road competition racing vehicles and cannot be used on vehicles that are operated on public streets, roads or highways. this product is not for sale or use in the state of California.

By submitting your order from Snyder Performance Engineering, you declare you have read and accepted all of the terms, conditions, and responsibilities of your purchase.

By Purchasing from SPE you understand that all products are for offroad use ONLY unless otherwise stated. Violations may result in a fine of up to $32,500 per vehicle (or possibly higher depending on changes in the law). All penalties and/or fines for removing your vehicle's emissions equipment are the sole responsibility of the end user.***

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